Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Remix : Disable UNR Launcher

I installed UNR in version 9.10 and immediately disabled the netbook launcher for the classic desktop.  This was easy in 9.10 thanks to a setting in the system preferences called “Desktop Mode Switcher”.  It was great, it was easy… and now it’s gone.

For whatever reason in 10.04 they decided to get rid of this handy little tool.  I had to purge some nautilus config files and all of a sudden, I was back to UNR launcher.  I couldn’t find my trusty switcher so I started looking around the web… people are going through 5-12 steps to get around this thing, many without full success.  I’m writing this in the hopes that _YOU_ the person reading this finds it before you go through 12 steps of tweaking config files. 

Step 1: Remove the netbook-launcher

sudo aptitude remove netbook-launcher

Step 2: Install regular ubuntu-desktop

sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop

Step 3: Restart Gnome

sudo service gdm restart

Step 4: Login using Gnome as your session

Done and done… hope this saves someone from a headache.


21 July 2010